Followup on safe shopping online at Christmas

I can’t stress enough how many systems I see on a weekly basis that are full of malware and viruses, causing costly removal sometimes involving fees that are often more than the cost of a replacement. Many times the true damage is identity theft which will not show up immediately and has very long-term effects.

Usually the root cause of vulnerability is using a PC that is not fully up to date. You have to be diligent in updating all the software on your system especially with operating system patches, web browser patches, current anti-virus and anti-malware software.

If you use Windows I recommend surfing the web with Firefox with the NoScript plugin activated.

Having said all that, read this article for some tips on Safe Online Christmas shopping. The one thing I would add is many bank, and credit card companies offer (even PayPal) one time use credit card numbers which work great for online shopping.


One Response to Followup on safe shopping online at Christmas

  1. […] Last year I posted some tips on being safe while shopping online. That article is here. This year I’ll point out that TraceMyID is partnering with world-renowned fraud prevention […]

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