Another good Anti-Vista Experience:

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* Reader Reports Vista Nightmare
Hi Stu, In your last issue you said “I had a good chuckle and had to admit
he was of course right.” You may have had a good chuckle, but I haven’t.
I got my new Inspiron 9400 on April 4, 2007 with Vista Ultimate and Office
2007. $3000. Slow-file-copy bug. Copy 150 MB from a W2K machine to the desktop.
3 hours. Copy 1.5 GB on the desktop, to a copy on the desktop. 12 hours.
Nobody is laughing. Office 2007 crashes my line-of-business (LOB) Access app.
Wait for O2K SP1. It still crashes. Finally get fed up and put in for a paid
support fix. Bug acknowledged. Fix time, TBD. Nobody is even thinking about
Vista SP1 comes, and I install it. It installs flawlessly, but takes out
every shadow copy on the machine. No big deal EXCEPT that it wipes out my
Wizardry 8 savegame files that were created on the machine, not any that
I copied to it, just the ones I created on the machine itself. 500+ hours
of game progress lost. Nobody knows how to smile.
Join the unit to the domain. Can’t use Leech FTP-port is blocked by ‘Windows
firewall with advanced security” Nobody can remember the word ‘smile.’ VPN
into the domain. Either have to tolerate not being able to browse the network
neighborhood OR I have to make the VPN carrier network a private network and
turn on network discovery and sharing to the whole Internet. No one can ever
remember smiling.
VPN into the domain again. Unless the machine is logged in with admin
credentials ‘Windows firewall with advanced security” blocks access to the
SQL Server backend of the LOB app. Visions of sledgehammers haunt my sleep.
Try to turn off the ‘firewall.’ It’s controlled by group policy. GPMC.mmc
doesn’t exist. It was removed by SP1 as a security risk. I dream of wrecking
RSAT is supposed to have updated group policy tools for killing the ‘firewall.’
Install it. All I get is a link to a help file. Eventually, I learn that I
have to go to what was Add and Remove Windows features and ADD the tools I
thought I just installed. Red-tinged building implosions begin to intrude
into my waking hours.
Pile through documentation on the firewall, looking to free up what
connections it ‘protects’ so I can tell it to leave the VPN connection alone,
don’t find it. Find setting that are supposed to turn the firewall off
completely. They do-until the first reboot. Visions of Dresden, Germany
come to mind.
Copy the MS Access LOB app front end from the network to the local drive
after SP1 is installed. 65 MB. Gigabit backbone. This takes 8-12 seconds
for XP. 90 seconds for Vista. Have you ever seen ‘Trinity and Beyond’?
Nobody’s laughing Stu.
I have new machines I need to order. Since my ‘Line Of Business’ app CAN’T
run on Office 2007 Pro OEM ($470 Canadian), I need Office 2007 OLP ($590)
to downgrade. Not that we have any use for the Ribbon and Nav Pane anyway.
Since Vista is such a dog I can either order Vista Business, format on
receipt, and downgrade-throwing away most of a day to do so-or order with
Vista Home Premium($150) and Vista Business Upgrade OLP ($230) and have it
shipped with XP while still having the right to upgrade if and when Vista
starts to work decently. I can order it with XP and take a full retail
upgrade shot-to-the-teeth if and when Vista starts to work decently. Not
funny at all.
I had great joy with Windows 2000 migrations. I put up with some discomfort
with XP migrations. I am stuck in a ‘Saw’ movie with Vista. It is thoroughly
and completely useless as a networked desktop compared to XP. It is almost
suicidally depressing. Let’s not talk about 64-bit. I have already had to
downgrade one of those. — Name Withheld on request


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